Author’s AUDIOBOOK adventure enters its second year

Written With a Pencil’s author Terry R Barca, notches up one year of audiobook creation. Eight titles so far with a new one due on July 18th to coincide with the launch of SECRETS KEPT.

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WRITTEN WITH A PENCIL’S author, Terry R Barca is set to release his latest book. Secrets Kept is the second book in the KEEPER OF SECRETS series. This book will be Terry’s fifteenth book release and his ninth audiobook.

The paperback, ebook and audiobook will all be released on the same day, July 18th, 2018.

More than two years in the making. The sequel to KEEPER OF SECRETS is due for publication on July 18th, 2018. The continuing adventures of Daisy and her granddaughter Susan. Daisy’s diaries inspire Susan to lead a secret life of adventure. Money, danger and a sense of freedom drive Susan. Daisy became a spy because her country needed her — Susan steals secrets because she wants to. These women, living in different centuries, are connected by the mysterious Keeper of Secrets.

Find out why Backdoor Barry prefers the dingy pub in Richmond as his office. Discover how Boris the barman fits into tight spaces. Learn the secret that Susan’s neighbour wants to be kept hidden. Will the time traveller return from who knows where? Will Susan’s typing skills keep her out of trouble? Does Daisy succeed in paying back her debt to the deadly Canadians? Is Precious enough for Terry or will he fall for the widowed librarian?

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JULY 18th, 2018